How to Cancel Your Cash App Account


  • You can delete your Cash App account from the Account Settings page on an iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  • Before you cancel your account, be sure to transfer the remaining funds to your bank account.
  • You should permanently delete your Cash App account before deleting the app on your device.
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App Cash it’s useful for easily transferring money to friends, family, or other contacts directly from your phone, similar to Venmo.

However, since then

App Cash
it’s tied to your bank account, if you want to cancel it – either because you’ve found another app you like best, or because you don’t use it anymore – you can’t simply delete it from your home screen like a regular app.

To get rid of Cash App, you need to permanently delete your account before deleting the app itself. Here’s how to delete your Cash App account on iPhone, iPad, or Android.

How to delete your Cash App account

1. Open Cash App on your iOS or Android device. The application icon is green with a white dollar sign.

2. If you have any money in your account, make sure to transfer to your bank before continuing. Do this by tapping u Bank icon (which looks like a house, or a bank) in the lower left corner, after tapping Cash Out. If you have any stock or bitcoin, you will need to sell them before you can close your account.

Bank Card Cash App

In the Banking tab, tap “Cash Out”.

Grace Eliza Goodwin / Insider

3. Tap the account icon (which looks like a silhouette of a person in a circle) in the upper right corner.

Cash App profile icon

Click your profile icon.

Grace Eliza Goodwin / Insider

4. Tap Support.

Cash App profile menu

Choose “Support” from the list of options.


Grace Eliza Goodwin / Insider

5. At the bottom of the next screen, tap Something Else.

Menu Cash App Something Else

Choose “Something Else” from the list of options.

Grace Eliza Goodwin / Insider

6. On the next page, scroll to the bottom and select it Account Settings.

Cash App Something Else menu 2

Tap “Account Settings.”

Grace Eliza Goodwin / Insider

7. In the Account Settings less, scroll to the called option Close my Cash App Account, towards the bottom of the list.

Account Settings Menu Cash Account

Select “Close my Cash Account App”.

Grace Eliza Goodwin / Insider

8. Tap Confirm. This will sign you out of the Cash App. A text or email confirmation will be sent to you confirming that you have deleted your account. Be sure to receive this email before deleting the app.

I closed my screen of my Cash Account App

Tap “Confirm” to close your account.

Grace Eliza Goodwin / Insider

9. You can now remove Cash App from your device. Return to your home screen and follow the steps delete an app on your iPhone, iPad, o Android.

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