Here’s what Steam Big Picture Mode will look like after replacing it with the Steam Deck UI

In the context: The Steam Deck will have an impact on the PC industry. Even those who don’t buy it will notice the effect, especially if they use the Steam Big Picture mode, which is replaced by the PDA user interface. We now have a first idea of ​​what this will look like.

Photos courtesy of Pavel Dzhundik (via PC gamer), a name that you might recognize as the creator of SteamDB. He tweeted that the SteamOS 3 image was leaked and people are already running it on other handheld consoles like GPD Win 3 and Aya Neo.

Jundik notes that the images he posted were taken on Windows and not on Steam Deck hardware. He adds that this is a work in progress based on the development kits recently sent out by Valve, so there may be some changes in the final version.

When it comes to developer kits, Valve has indeed stated that the “engineering test builds” are functionally identical to the commercial versions due later in the year.

Back in July, Steam Community Forum Moderator wrote: “Yes, we are replacing Big Picture with a new user interface from Deck. We don’t have an exact arrival time yet. “

A replacement for the little-known Big Picture mode will be welcomed by most Steam users. Announced in 2011 and released in the 2012 beta, it is designed to provide a PC console interface with controller support when connected to a large TV. Since 2015, the mode has not undergone significant updates.

The first Steam Deck shipments are scheduled for December 2021, but huge demand has led Valve to change the availability for new pre-orders – most people won’t get their PDAs until the end of next year. The good news is that eBay seems to have fulfilled its promise to remove Steam Deck pre-orders from the auction site; its policy is that all pre-sale items must be shipped within 30 days.

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