Henry Cavill mentions his love for Warhammer on TV and explains that this is not World of Warcraft.

What happened now? If there is one thing nerds, geeks, PC enthusiasts, and those who fall into all three categories can agree on, it is that Henry Cavill is our spokesman. The Man of Steel recently shamelessly spoke of his love of culture on British talk shows, reaffirming his adoration for Warhammer and that it is not the same as World of Warcraft, his other passion.

Cavill was asked about his hobbies during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show. Telling the MC that “this is Warhammer, Graham,” and not the World of Warcraft miniatures he draws, Cavill explained the drawing and playing aspects of the tabletop franchise.

“It’s actually … it’s fun! It sounds ridiculous, but it’s fun, ”said Cavill, who showed off some of his miniature painting skills last year.

Actor Geralt of Rivia said that he invites people to participate in the Warhammer games, to which Tom Holland of Spider-Man enthusiastically asked, “Can I come and play? Sounds amazing! ” Cavill, the gentleman, said yes.

Cavill has never been afraid to let his nerd kick in and is a huge fan of everything to do with the PC. Before he took on the role of the main character on the Netflix series, he completed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt twice, the second time at the highest difficulty level. He also completed Total War: Warhammer 2 six times in six different races.

Back in July last year, Cavill uploaded a quick build log video to Instagram for his new PC. Then in December, he posted a photo showcasing his new RTX 3090. We’ve also seen possible evidence that he will appear in the new Mass Effect series. Hopefully he still has time to enjoy Total War: Warhammer 3 when it releases on February 17th.

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