Harry Potter open-world RPG Hogwarts Legacy enters holiday window 2022

What to look forward to: The Harry Potter universe is one of the most famous entertainment franchises in the world – it even has its own park at Disney World. However, it has been a long time since we had any decent game in everyone’s favorite magical school. Thankfully, that seems to be changing now: Hogwarts Legacy is currently in development, and it was only yesterday that the first full extended gameplay demo was revealed at Sony’s latest “State of Play” event.

In short, the game looks excellent and seems to exceed the expectations of many (understandably) skeptical gamers on social media. The game will be a third-person RPG in which you will create your own Hogwarts student from scratch, who will enter the school for the first time as a fifth year (in the House of your choice).

What is especially amazing about this game is the huge variety of game features that the developers have included in it. You can attend classes, explore the fully realized interior and exterior of Hogwarts, brew potions, grow plants, meet and care for magical creatures, befriend fellow students (who can then act as companions), customize your outfit, create magical equipment, learn about new. spells, charms, curses and… Well, you get the idea.

It’s a big game, not just in terms of gameplay. The world itself also seems massive. In addition to Hogwarts and its immediate surroundings, Legacy players will be able to visit the magical village of Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forest, and various wizard “villages” scattered around the world. To get to these places, you can either use a broom or seemingly take to the skies on the back of a noble hippogriff.

Hogwarts Legacy is, of course, not just a simulation of the school of magic: there is a deeper story in the game. The goblins of the world seem to be plotting with the dark wizards to overthrow the magical race and establish, so to speak, a new world order. Naturally, you, as the main character, will be interested in discovering and thwarting these plans, which seem to be the essence of the main story.

To be honest, we can’t do justice to the game with this article’s sneak peek, so we encourage you to watch the official gameplay demo for yourself. Hogwarts Legacy will release sometime during the holidays this year and it won’t feature any microtransactions. It will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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