Halo Infinite Season 2 will allow players to earn credits in the store as they play.

What to look forward to: Last week, 343 Industries announced upcoming price changes for cosmetics in the Halo Infinite store. The changes were based on feedback from the game community following ongoing criticism of cosmetic microtransaction updates. Now, the developer has taken it one step further and announced its intention to make credits earnable through the upcoming Season 2 Battle Pass.

Surprise announcement from Halo Community Manager John Juniszek was a breath of fresh air for Halo Infinite fans who are stuck in a never-ending sea of ​​gray and green. The announcement states that the team has been working with 343 lead designer Jerry Hook to address several community issues that have come up since the game launched late last year. One such drawback was that most of the free game’s unique cosmetic skins were blocked by the paywall.

Yunishek highlighted several topics that will be covered in the upcoming updates to the game. In addition to earlier announced the price drops, the store will start offering certain items for sale individually, rather than as part of a set. Players can purchase these cosmetic items using Halo’s in-game currency, Credits, which will be available throughout the game through upcoming changes to the Season 2 Battle Pass.

“Thanks to your continued feedback, we are pleased to confirm that credits can be earned in the Season 2 Battle Pass. This means that you will be able to earn credits as part of your progress in Halo Infinite. get closer to the second season.”

Yunishek also touched on known issues regarding Big Team Battle (BTB) matchmaking game system. Earlier this week, 343 released a patch hoping to address a few ongoing issues with BTB matchmaking. Until the fix is ​​complete soften The development team maintains a clear and open dialogue with the gaming community about any issues that are discovered to ensure they are resolved.

The announcement was great news for Halo players, who found the game’s original progression system a tedious chore with minimal rewards. Additional details on the changes and timeline have yet to be released, although previous reports have hinted at a Season 2 launch sometime this May.

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