Halo Infinite Free Multiplayer Now Available

Long-awaited: Halo Infinite started off in a peculiar way with the first gameplay show, but developer 343 Industries has changed that now. Fans who have participated in the various Closed Beta events have praised the gameplay, art style and variety of weapons, among other things. Now you don’t have to be lucky to join in the fun: Halo Infinite multiplayer is now available to all Xbox and PC users for free.

You can purchase it on Steam, Microsoft Store, and Game Pass. The full single-player (or co-op) campaign is still launching on December 8th, so if you’re not overly into PvP you might want to wait.

However, the multiplayer download size is only 26GB, so it’s probably worth a try. In the worst case, you will kill a few hours, and in the best case, you will love it. I haven’t tested the full multiplayer mode yet, but I did a couple of preliminary “test flights” and had a great time. Halo Infinite feels modern yet true to its roots. The way you move, the way cars are driven, and the way you handle weapons should be familiar and fresh.

After a series of controversial Halo releases, Infinite is finally proud of the 343rd. At least in terms of gameplay – as stated earlier, the campaign won’t launch until next month, so the studio still has time to disappoint. It seems unlikely though.

Be that as it may, the multiplayer beta Halo Infinite launched with a Season 1 Battle Pass, which includes multiple maps and modes. Future seasons are likely to bring new ways to play, as well as new cosmetics and items that players can unlock.

At the time of writing, multiplayer has received “mostly positive” reviews on Steam, with 78 percent of players recommending the game. The biggest complaints come from the lack of an exclusive fullscreen mode and poor optimization.

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