GTA Trilogy Returns Online Due To Refund Requests And Metacritic 0.5 Score

Facepalm: It seems that in GTA: The Trilogy, Rockstar watched Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt Red and uttered the famous line: “Hold my beer.” After a disastrous launch and numerous complaints, the long-awaited remaster of favorite games now has a Metacritic score of 0.5 on PC, 0.7 on PS4, 0.4 on Xbox One, and 0.5 on Switch.

The start of GTA Trilogy was the worst possible on November 11, when, just hours after arriving, Rockstar tweeted that its Games Launcher had been taken offline for maintenance. Because of this, people were unable to play the game they just bought and prevented them from downloading Rockstar games like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as their online elements.

The launcher did come back online late on the evening of November 12th. However, the updated GTA trilogy remained unavailable as Rockstar removed “files inadvertently included in these versions”, likely music that was no longer licensed, full game scripts with developer notes, and data pertaining to the infamous sex mini-game Hot Coffee »From Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Hot coffee was disabled in the original, but remained in the code. Players found a way to reactivate it in 2005, which led to a $ 20 million lawsuit against Take-Two that was eventually settled.

But it wasn’t just these issues that led GTA Trilogy to be criticized by both reviewers and buyers. There are reports of bugs in the game itself, terrible effects, invisible structures, wandering camera angles, and even misspelled signs and posters, possibly due to an automatic zoom program.

The general opinion was best expressed by u / Cyb3ron on Reddit:

Remastering of old games is becoming more and more popular these days, but this is an area where developers need to be careful not to be accused of shamelessly embezzling money. The Mass Effect Legendary Edition and the Mafia Definitive Edition were well received, but Crysis Remastered, which was delayed due to backlash over a very nondescript trailer, has a mixed rating on Steam.

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