Google will provide more options for G Suite users after the end of the free tier

In a nutshell: Google recently made some changes to move G Suite free tier users to paid subscriptions with no clear path if they don’t want to pay. After some backlash, the company promised free options for users who don’t want to lose their data.

Google recently changed the FAQ page for upgrading to Google Workspace, including section for those who use the free G Suite and do not want to upgrade to a paid subscription. It says that Google will provide another option this year that will cost nothing and allow them to keep most of their data.

Users will be able to test this option until July 1, the final deadline before G Suite users either start paying for Google Workspace or lose most of their data.

Google also directed these users to a survey asking how they use G Suite. This may be a sign that he is still evaluating how he should develop this new free option. Google may not have known that many free users don’t actually use G Suite for Business features.

Legacy G Suite users are those who created accounts for the free basic tier of Google’s productivity service before 2012, when the company replaced it with Google Workspace. G Suite free tier users can continue to use legacy G Suite without paying for a subscription.

However, earlier this month, Google notified them that they had until May to move to Workspace. The company will automatically transfer them on May 1st, but won’t charge you until July 1st, at which point it will cancel any users who haven’t set up a payment plan.

These users could potentially lose data from services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Meet, but not from YouTube or Google Photos. The poll and recent changes seem to be a response to the backlash.

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