Google will end login support for Android Gingerbread and older devices next month

In short: Google announced that it will no longer allow sign-in to devices running Android 2.3.7 or earlier from September 27, 2021. The company stopped supporting Play services for such devices a couple of years ago and is now redoubling its efforts. to keep users safe online by further limiting the functionality of nearly a decade old Android hardware.

They’ve probably turned into paperweights, or long ago spread out and forgotten in drawers for many users, but those who still hold onto their Android Gingerbread phones and tablets should be aware that Google won’t let them access their apps and services from next month.

In the support document (via Sleep computer), Android Community Manager, Zach Pollack, Notes (edit) that users who sign in to apps like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps will start receiving username or password errors on devices running Android 2.3.7 (the latest release of Gingerbread) or earlier in the next month.

It looks like accounts that are already signed in will not be affected. However, doing things like factory resetting, changing your account password, logging out and logging in, or creating a new account on these older devices will block them from accessing Google apps and services.

Second, users who cannot update their Gingerbread devices to Android 3.0 (exclusive for Honeycomb tablets) or later to avoid this limitation will still have access to some Google services through their device’s web browser.

Android veteran fans are also aware of the third option to keep their older devices up and running after Google’s deadline, namely by installing custom ROMs. This practice may not be as common with newer devices, but remains a reliable alternative for keeping older Android phones and tablets from a decade old.

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