Google says Pixel 6 Pro display flickering will be fixed next month

Flickering Pixels: The Pixel 6 Pro has received brilliant reviews however, some users reported display flickering when the device was turned off. Raising suspicions about what might be another quality control issue with Google’s new hardware, the company has now acknowledged an issue that it says is not hardware-related, and that a fix will be released as part of the December software update.

Google’s latest flagships – the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro – have given a promising start, surpassing the company’s own expectations given that they are now making waitlists for impatient shoppers as phones usually end up in the Google Store. Even more interesting is the Pro model, which boasts an updated camera and flagship hardware for less than the flagship money.

It wasn’t a perfect launch, however, as user reports started popping up last week of devices showing display issues. Some users noticed green tint on their Pixel 6 while the production error reached this buyerthat got the Pixel 6 Pro with two selfie camera cutouts.

Another, more persistent issue is display flickering on the Pixel 6 Pro. This has become conspicuous enough for Google to acknowledge that it describes the crash as “slight temporary display artifacts” when the device is turned off and when the power button is lightly pressed without waking the display from sleep.

Google clearly notes that residual light is not a hardware issue and advises users to hold down the power button long enough to turn on the device, while avoiding repeated button presses when the power is off.

Of course, not many users roam around, turn off / on their phones often to make this an annoying issue, but it’s good to know that the flickering will be fixed by Google with a software update next month.

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