Google Provides Free Career Certificates for US Colleges

In short: Last week, Google announced the expansion of its career certification program. The program is now free to community colleges and high schools for vocational and technical education throughout the United States. The company also partners with four-year universities on the program.

Google said community colleges and technical education high schools can add Google Career Certificates to their curricula for free. This also applies to schools that are members of the American Community Colleges Association. Universities Google is working with with a four-year course of study to accept loans for its program include Northeastern, Purdue Global, Arizona State University, and SUNY.

Google Career Certificates is a curriculum developed Offer students certifications in IT support, data analytics, Android development, project management, user interface design, and more. Through 150 hands-on sessions, the program can prepare students for work in related fields in as little as three to six months of study. Google claims that more than half of its alumni are underrepresented groups in the tech industry, including blacks, Hispanics, women, or veterans.

On Friday, Connecticut became the first US state to approve all Google Career Certificates at its state universities and colleges. Next spring, the state offer a four-credit course for the Google IT Support Certification and no credit courses for Google Certification. According to the Connecticut Colleges and Universities website, the non-credit certificate will represent a minimum 150-hour online course, although the cost and timetable have yet to be determined.

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