Google Pixel Watch Photos Leaked Confirming Rounded Crown Form Factor

facepalm: Remember how an Apple employee left his first-generation iPhone prototype at a bar? Here we go again. An anonymous source claims to have found a Google Pixel Watch prototype in a restaurant somewhere in the US.

Android Central got some exclusives Pictures of what could be Google’s Pixel Watch. The images differ from the renders posted by Jon Prosser two weeks ago. These are photos of what looks like a real prototype.

The watch does indeed look like the leaked renders of Prosser – it’s round and has a crown. However, it is also noticeably thicker. In addition, there are two buttons on either side of the crown that are not in the renders.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the buttons do because the clock doesn’t work, and if it does, there’s a trick to getting it to boot up. The finder tried to turn it on, but was greeted by a splash screen with a white Google logo, then nothing.

There is a four-pin interface on one side, which is probably for testing purposes. Perhaps the prototype needs to be connected to an additional device to boot the operating system. Apple did something similar to separate developers. The final product will not need this connector, so this interface is unlikely to remain. Another notable feature includes a sensor on the back, likely an Apple Watch-like health monitor.

Images from a previous leak showed a wrist strap with a unique hidden clasp mechanism on the back, while this prototype has a more traditional clasp. The prototype group may be temporary, and another will appear with the release of the device.

Of course, since this is a prototype (the packaging says so), a lot can change when it comes time to ship the final product. However, its overall design matches the renders, so we’re likely to see something very different from the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch form factor.

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