Google offers free, time-limited trials of Stadia games.

In short: Google is not giving up on Stadia, despite the game streaming service proving to be far less popular than the company hoped. The latest attempt to attract new users includes free, time-limited trials of the games.

YouTube channel Precious stone (by using 9to5Google) noticed that free Stadia users can now access the Hello Engineer 30-minute trial. It’s already free for those who signed up for the Pro tier, while those in the free tier must pay $ 20 for the full game. The latter can now click the Free Trial button to try the game for 30 minutes before deciding if it’s worth the money.

The countdown starts from the moment users start the trial, not just counting the time spent in the game. When it reaches zero, players are asked if they want to purchase the full game that will save their progress.

A Stadia spokesman said Facets that the trials are an experiment that will continue in the coming months, and that other selected titles will be included in the coming weeks. But not all of them will be 30 minute sessions, and not all will be watching the same games.

Google has tried limited demos of Stadia in the past, and we recently learned that it is offering its in-house technology to AT&T as a “white” product, giving those with an AT&T Wireless subscription free access to Batman Arkham Knight.

Google recently gave away free Stadia Premiere Edition kits to anyone who bought or pre-ordered the full version of Stadia, the latest in a series of such giveaways. People have been following the service closely since Google shuttered its first game studio, Stadia earlier this year, but are free trials enough to save it?

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