Google Japan showcases multifunctional five-foot Gboard keyboard

WTF?! Do you find your keyboard too traditional? Do you want to reduce your words per minute to single digits? Google Japan has an answer with Gboard, a keyboard that puts all the keys on one very long line.

Keyboard version of the GBoard flash drive this is of course more of a joke project than a real product that the company is launching – Google Japan has added all the technical specifications to Page on github so anyone with access to a 3D printer can build it themselves.

The linked video explains that after years of focusing on the “key” part of the keyboard, Google Japan wanted to see what was “near the key”, which in Japanese translates to “staff” or “band”. The designers came up with a 65 inch long stick that looks like a weapon.

Despite its comical length, the designers point out that because it’s only slightly wider than a single key, the keyboard is perfect for cluttered desks with little space at the bottom. It’s also easy to clean and appears to be less likely to be stepped on by cats.

The keyboard uses a straight-line QWERTY layout, so instead of using years of muscle memory to hit the right key instantly, users can simply remember how many letters each key is on the left – G is the 16th – or perhaps the physical distance. -S – 23 cm – easy! And more than one person can use it at the same time, which sounds terrible.

Being a DIY project, builders can customize the keyboard however they want, so you might find a better use for it than typing; Google Japan may develop a gaming version with RGB coverage in the future. Plus, the physical properties mean it can be used as a ruler to record your growing family’s growth, a balancing pole for tightrope walkers, or a tool to reach for objects stuck under furniture. You can even attach a mesh to the end, turning your peripheral into an insect trap.

Check out all the information you need to make your own wand keyboard. Right here.

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