Google is rushing to launch its own ChatGPT-like technology soon

What to look forward to: Google CEO Sundar Pichai spoke about the company’s plans to integrate artificial intelligence technologies into search and other products. During this week’s Q4 earnings conference call, Pichai said that very soon, users will be able to directly interact with his latest and most powerful model as a search companion in innovative ways.

According to the CEO, Google will release its chatbot technology to the general public in “the coming weeks and months.” Google Search will use LaMDA (Language Model for Conversational Applications), the company’s internal language model, to provide “actual” and conversational results for queries. The tech giant is ready to show what they’re working on in the current generative AI frenzy, and has unveiled plans to integrate the technology into most of its products, including some cutting-edge solutions. AI features in Gmail and Docs.

He mentioned two “large language models” under development at the company, LaMDA and PaLM, the first of which is being prepared for immediate release. Previous reports have indicated that Google is internally testing a LaMDA-based AI chatbot called “Apprentice Bard” that is comparable to ChatGPT.

Interestingly, at Google I/O in 2021, the company demonstrated the capabilities of the first generation of LaMDA, but quickly gained popularity. controversy when a software engineer claimed that a chatbot was “intelligent” and conveyed ideas and feelings similar to those of a human child.

Pichai has repeatedly mentioned the possibilities of AI and how the world is ready to accept it, referring to the fact that the public has embraced OpenAI’s ChatGPT with enthusiasm.

Large language models such as LaMDA and the ChatGPT model receive a huge amount of text in order to learn how to generate believable phrases. These kinds of neural networks reproduce the fundamental structure of the brain in digital form. Pichai also praised DeepMind, Alphabet’s UK-based AI arm, noting that 1 million scientists around the world have used its database containing all 200 million proteins known to science.

As a side note, Microsoft has already introduced a new tier of Teams Premium that uses AI to perform several actions, including taking automatic meeting notes, suggesting tasks, creating custom highlights, and more. In other words, ChatGPT will allow Teams Premium to simplify meetings on the platform.

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