Google introduced continuous scrolling to mobile search for added convenience

Why is it important: Google recently introduced continuous scrolling, giving mobile users better access to information and search results. The new feature will allow mobile users to view results instead of having to click for the next set. This addition follows the redesign of Google’s mobile search, which launched earlier this year, to provide users with cleaner, more focused searches.

Thursday, Google Search Product Manager Niru Anand announced the company’s rollout of continuous scrolling for mobile users in the United States. Search engines have historically relied on pagination to provide search results. Rather than actively navigating to another page, continuous scrolling allows mobile users to view up to four pages of search results. This feature improves user experience by providing a more intuitive experience for mobile users accustomed to scrolling and swiping across displays.

Last week, a new feature was launched on iOS and Android devices in the US for English search. Continuous scrolling benefits users who no longer need to pry away from results to click and manually download additional results. It will also help Google and their search ad partners as mobile users spend more time on the platform, increasing ad visibility.

For many, the search function on Google (or any other search engine for that matter) is nothing more than a text box where you enter a question or term, and instantly you are presented with hundreds or thousands of relevant results to view. Unlike simple virtual libraries and asset collections early 90ssearch has evolved into a dynamic, vibrant service that plays an important role for users, organizations and businesses around the world. It is a sophisticated, evolving, revenue-generating service focused on consistently organizing results, increasing availability and optimizing user experience.

Continuous scrolling is another step in Google’s ongoing enhancement of its search engine offerings. Earlier this year, the company redesigned its mobile devices to simplify make it easier to find, improve readability and direct users to important information while minimizing distractions and noise.

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