GOG Summer Sale kicks off with over 3,500 deals

In short: The first official day of summer is just a couple of weeks away, but GOG is gearing up for the launch of its annual summer sale. There are a lot of things to digest, but luckily GOG has broken down their 3,500+ deals into various categories, including decades.

The 80s collection includes metal gear for $4.19 and also 65 percent off Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade at 75% off Personal nightmare.

Fans of 90s games also have plenty to choose from. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and Total Annihilation: Commander Pack reduced to $2.49 every time Myst Masterpiece Edition goes for $2.39 and Thief Gold dropped to $0.97. Highlights from the 2000s include Silent Hill 4: The Room for $6.99Unreal Tournament GOTY for $1.99 after 80% discount and Tomb Raider: Anniversary for just $0.98.

Those who want to play something newer might consider This War of Mine for $3.99, Survivor Mars for $7.49, PC build simulator for $7.99 and Nobody’s sky for $26.99 after an instant price reduction of 55 percent. Deals of the current decade include 70% discount Control Ultimate Edition Half Discount Psychonauts 2 and 75 percent discount Shenmu IIIbringing the price down to $7.49.

For a limited time, you can also pick up a copy Sanatorium absolutely free. This classic psychological horror adventure game has been around since 1998 and usually costs $9.99. You need to be more vigilant in the coming weeks as GOG will have more daily offers.

GOG Summer Sale will last until June 27th.

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