Gigabyte Releases Tool To Fix Alder Lake DRM Issues

In short: After Intel released a list of games that do not work with its new Alder Lake processors due to DRM conflicts, owners of Gigabyte Z690 motherboards can now fix the issue with the Gigabyte DRM Fix Tool.

In early November, Intel confirmed that some games would not work with Alder Lake. Chipzilla said more games run into issues when Alder Lake is used with Windows 10 – as opposed to Windows 11 – and while most are older games, some are newer, such as Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. also suffer. …

The issue stems from the digital rights management (DRM) software not correctly recognizing the effective cores (E-cores) of Alder Lake as a different system. Doing so can prevent games from starting, cause crashes or quit unexpectedly during games.

One workaround is to enable legacy game compatibility mode, which puts E-cores in standby mode while playing a game (read the instructions), but this requires entering the BIOS and must be enabled after every restart. But Gigabyte DRM Fix Tool (download here) allows anyone to easily enable and disable E-kernels through the utility’s user interface. The only requirement is that users’ motherboards must have the latest firmware version installed.

Although the tool only works with Gigabyte Z690 mobile phones, don’t be surprised if other manufacturers follow suit by releasing their own versions of the utility.

Gigabyte has provided a list of all of its Z690 motherboards and the latest BIOS for each product.

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