Get ready for “hundreds” of demos and game previews during the Steam Next Fest.

Why is it important: September is almost over and the holiday shopping season will begin soon. There is perhaps no better time for studios to showcase what they have and start making buzz. Steam Next Fest is set to be the last game festival ahead of Black Friday / Cyber ​​Monday Rush.

The Steam Game Festival may have a new name, but it will still include many game previews and demos for players to try out during the week-long event. Now called Steam Next Fest, a year-end game festival. suggestions developers the opportunity to showcase their projects. Players also get the opportunity to interact with the developers and give them feedback.

Next Fest will run for one week starting October 1st. Although Valve has already confirmed several projects attending the event, it is still accepting applications from developers. Interested studios can register through your Steamworks account.

All games participating in the festival must have a release date between October 7, 2021 and May 1, 2022, so many should arrive before the holidays. The list of titles confirmed for appearance includes:

A notable entry on the list is “The Last Bonfire.” This is the first game from Hello Games since it released No Man’s Sky five years ago. The Last Campfire is available starting August 27 for all devices from Nintendo Switch to iOS. The 3D Puzzle will debut on Steam on October 7th – the final day of the Steam Next Fest.

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