Free November Games on Epic’s Store and Amazon Prime Include Control, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Never Alone

Whether you are an avid PC game collector or just bored with the current rotation of entertainment, there is always something you can try for free. Browse this list and find one or two shiny new toys to add to your various PC libraries. Inside, you’ll find a healthy mix of action, strategy, and puzzles.

Here’s our list of the best free games offered on the major PC game distribution platforms …

Epic Games

The Epic Games Store page always has a selection of games that are free to play right now or coming soon. Here are some of what you can find at the moment. Before you know it, there will be a completely different choice, so check out the store later. Simply click on the free offers on the store home page and follow the checkout process as usual to find them in your Epic Games library.

Guild of Dungeons – Free from November 18th to 25th

Grow your adventurer’s guild from one member in this cute, papercraft-themed title. Dive into dungeons that you build yourself from a deck of tiles, and create a separate deck of cards to fight the monsters you throw at. It’s simple and dumb and definitely worth checking out.

Kid A Mnesia exhibition – free from 18 to 25 November.

This game is tricky to judge as it is a little offbeat, but it appears to be a wistful walk through a spooky and atmospheric music video. Featuring original covers and recordings, you’ll find a celebration of 21 years of legacy from the two Radiohead albums mentioned in the title – Kid A and Amnesiac.

Never Alone – Free from November 18th to 25th

In this cooperative platformer, you play as a little girl and her beloved fox, who are looking for what lurks behind an endless blizzard that threatens their home and their way of life. Never Alone looks beautiful and carries a mesmerizing, mystical feeling. It’s worth it to just sit in amazement throughout the short story.

theHunter: Call of the Wild – Free from November 25 to December 2

This hunting game is not like the ones you find in the arcade where you shoot wildly at flocks of deer and geese with an orange plastic gun. Instead, you’ll slowly make your way through the scenic setting to find the one perfect shot. As you do this, you will notice how great the game looks. Please try again when TheHunter is free after a few days.


Steam section free to play in their store is growing every day. These games are some of the most interesting ones launched in November. Don’t expect to find big-budget blockbusters here, but you can check out some really cool games from time to time and add them to your collection.

To add these games to your Steam library, simply go to the game store page and click Play Game and the download will begin.

The Colossus Is Coming: An Interactive Experience

Colossus Is Coming is also the title of an album by Auric Echo, a music artist and game designer. This game adds a tactile and addictive element to the moody and atmospheric album. The colossus, whatever it is, looms over you as you anxiously collect cassettes of fragments of the album.

SOFTWARE: Watch Party

Similar to the creepy WarioWare, this game is a collection of mini-games in which you do some weird things like draw a chalk outline for a murder suspect or see who can best saw off someone’s head. However, it has an incredibly simple and silly decoration, and it’s hard to be horrified by this action right after you see the dancing skeleton playing the keyboard.

Prime gaming

Prime gaming technically not free, but I think it would be an oversight if I didn’t add them for all the people who don’t even know they already have access to it as part of their Amazon Prime subscription. Each month, these games will be updated to release new ones. Here’s what you can find on the Prime Gaming page right now.

On the card of each game there is a button “Require a game”. Unless you are given some additional set of instructions, such as redeeming a code, this game will go straight to your library in the Amazon Games app.

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Free Origin Code Until Nov 30

Dragon Age has yet to see a release after Inquisition. You can get a digital copy for PC for free through Amazon Prime. Maybe you’ll feel like you need a replay when Dragon Age 4’s release date is announced, or maybe you’ve never had the pleasure of playing Inquisition before. In any case, if you are a subscriber, you should pick it up.

To get it, click the same Claim button, but instead of joining your Amazon Games library, you will receive a code to submit to EA origin and specific instructions on how to activate it there.

Control Ultimate Edition – Free Code for GOG Until November 30

The control is centered around the heroine, who is part of an agency designed to hide paranormal objects from the eyes of society at large. She is forced to use the properties of these items to contain the threat of the end of the world. In doing so, surreal and distorting reality becomes the setting for this modern eerie adventure. If you do decide to check it out, you will also receive two game extensions with this code.

To gain control, click Claim to receive the code along with instructions on how to redeem it in GOG.

Puzzle Agent 2 – free until December 1st

In this game developed by Telltale games, FBI agent Nelson Teters attempts to uncover a mystery that began to be unraveled in the game’s predecessor. While it sounds like the dark and serious plot of next year’s main adventure thriller, Telltale has presented it in a silly Sunday paper comic style. In this adventure adventure you will navigate a small snow-covered town and solve a mystery that has been conveniently organized into puzzles for your entertainment.

Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos – Free until December 1st

This is a co-op game. If that first sentence hadn’t sent you into the race to the game, I think I could go on to explain. Together with the adventurer, you will enter a world reminiscent of the original Legend of Zelda, and try to clear it, having only one life each. If you die, you will have the opportunity to improve your adventurers from now on, and all dungeons around the world will see a new, randomly generated iteration.

Secret Files: Sam Peters – Free until December 1st

Another Secret Files entry hit the Prime Gaming lineup this month. In this point-and-click adventure series, you will find yourself in perilous terrain in pursuit of cryptozoological creatures, usually with a bit of political intrigue. In this film, the search for Asanbosama, a Chupacabra-style creature from African folklore, is underway.

BAFL – Brakes For Losers – Free Until December 1st

BAFL prides itself on its homage to old-school racing games and a healthy dose of 80-90 nostalgia. This top-down racer goes to great lengths to stay simple, fast and insane. You can play with friends or alone to show your best scores on the world leaderboards.

Liberated – Free until December 1st

Jumping between a gorgeously designed graphic novel and a black and white side-scrolling shooter, Liberated presents a cautionary tale of corruption and control. All of this is done in an interesting stylistic direction, which you can see in the trailer.

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter – Free until December 1st

Frankly, this game is bad. These are little more than short games in which I spy on a crappy fantasy story. However, the strange thing is how it still manages to be so hilarious. Demon Hunter 2 is the video game equivalent of re-watching gruesome old movies – even if they’re a dumpster, you’ll still have a great night out. Add it to your library for an unforgettable experience! is a site where small developers can download their games, usually for free or at a lower cost. While you won’t see multi-million dollar budgets or realistic graphics on this site, there are a ton of titles out there. They may not all be winners, but some are for sure.

To download these games, simply go to the respective pages at Store and click the red “Upload or Claim” button and then proceed to checkout.

Below are the 10 most popular games that have been discounted at the time of writing. They’ll change on you pretty quickly, but they’ll likely be replaced by something new by then, so see for yourself.


Blades with the flow

Fight waves of enemies armed only with a blade and a long bow in this first person action game. Blades Adrift challenges you to find glory in the warrior’s interpretation of the afterlife.

Lost World



Ride n ‘Chill

The headline tells you exactly what to expect here. You will drive around a colorful low poly island that serves as a skating service. Sit back, play the melody and enjoy this relaxing little project.

Crazy controversy

Shapes and blows

Shapes & Beats takes a bullet-like shape, very simple. Play to the beat, but don’t touch the pink shapes that fall across the screen.

Dark Retribution

Saved by

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