Firefox 94 adds many new features, closes over a dozen security holes

In short: Mozilla released Firefox 94 with new features for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems. Some of them are focused on security, along with several serious vulnerabilities that the update fixes. This happened just after Mozilla introduced important new features for mobile versions of Firefox.

Mozilla release notes Describe in detail the updates that include performance, security, and privacy improvements.

Firefox will no longer ask Windows users for updates, instead downloading and installing updates even when Firefox is closed. On Windows 11 Firefox now supports Snap Layouts menus.

On macOS, Firefox will now use Apple’s low power mode when watching videos in full screen on some streaming sites, which Mozilla says should significantly improve battery life on the MacBook. Firefox 94 should also reduce power consumption on Linux by enabling the EGL back end, which should improve WGL performance.

What’s more, the Mozilla browser now automatically unloads inactive tabs, but users can also Look memory consumption by each tab through the “about: unloads” page from which they can manually unload them without closing them completely.

Over the next few weeks, Mozilla will implement a security feature called Site Isolation. To protect against side-channel attacks, Site isolation can load each website into its own operating system process. This can prevent malicious sites from accessing information from other sites that the user may have opened at the same time.

The blog also notes that Mozilla rolling from a Firefox add-on called Firefox Multi-Account Containers, which will divide online profiles into different sections organized into tabs. This should allow users to log into the same website or service with multiple separate accounts in the same browser. It can also prevent social media trackers from tracking all of a user’s online activity. Firefox Multiple Account Containers are integrated with Mozilla VPN.

Of the 13 vulnerabilities Firefox 94 closes, Mozilla rates seven as “drums.” One of these changes prevents sensitive data copied to the clipboard from going into the Windows 10 cloud clipboard feature, which, when enabled, writes information from the clipboard to the cloud.

At the same time, Mozilla also released significant interface updates for mobile versions of Firefox this week. This changed the way tabs and bookmarks are displayed, and for Android users, the updated version will group the latest searches by topic.

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