FIFA 23 tries to correctly predict the winner of the World Cup for the fourth time in a row

Perspective: The FIFA World Cup is the largest football (or football) tournament held every four years in different countries. The event attracts billions of spectators who are rooting for their country and hoping to lift the trophy. Meanwhile, others can try to predict which team will win, including by using the biggest football video game available.

Electronic Arts (EA) has been releasing FIFA-branded games for the past 26 years, allowing players to pit their favorite teams against each other or even simulate their own World Cup-like tournaments. Every four (or, in this particular case, five) years, EA releases an update to its latest FIFA game, adding an accurate World Cup timeline.

Since 2006, EA has been running an in-game simulation of the upcoming World Cup in an attempt to predict the outcome of the entire tournament. They currently have a 3-1 prediction record, guessing correctly Spain, Germanyas well as France for the last three championships. EA also chose Czech Republic win in 2006; however, the team did not advance from the group stage.

adviser predicts that Argentina would win the 2022 World Cup with the trophy by winning the “one-point game” over Brazil in the final. Unfortunately, EA does not provide the score, but emphasizes that none other than Lionel Messi scored the winning goal. The French team finished in third place, although their third-place play-off opponent was not mentioned.

The simulation also suggests that Messi will win both the Golden Boot award (the player with the most goals scored) and the Ballon d’Or award (the best overall player).

In the fight for the Golden Glove award (best goalkeeper), a four-way draw was played between Rui Patricio (Portugal), Alisson (Brazil), Dominik Livakovic (Croatia) and Emiliano Martinez (Argentina). The tie-break goes to the player whose team has advanced the furthest; thus, Martínez received the award thanks to Argentina’s victory in the World Cup.

Fans of the US national team also have reason to rejoice, as EA’s forecast suggests that the US will go all the way to the quarter-finals. The US national team hasn’t progressed this far in the World Cup since 2002, and after a devastating 2018 qualifier, American fans will be ready to take in any ounce of success.

All in all, if you want to simulate your own performance in the 2022 World Cup, this mode was added in a recent update on November 9th. adviser predictor may actually bring you some new maps for the FUT mode.

The group stage matches of the World Cup will begin on November 20, and the championship will last until December 18.

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