“Face with Tears of Joy” is the most popular emoji in the world.

Summary: Emoji have become one of the staples of modern digital communication, allowing users to communicate emotions through environments that otherwise lack human touch. Pictograms have been around for over two decades, but did not become widespread until the 2010s, when mobile operating systems including Android and iOS added support for them.

Crossword-Solver recently produced an extensive report highlighting most popular emoji from all over the world. A face with tears of joy is the most popular emoji in the world (it’s number one in 75 countries) on Twitter, followed by a red heart. The face with tears of joy was used nearly 19 percent more than the red heart, which came in second.

In countries where a face with tears of joy or a red heart is not in the first place, the flag of that country almost always reigns supreme.

In the US, the most frequently used emoji is again the face with tears of joy. In the picture above, Crossword-Solver looked at which emojis are used the most. above the national average in each state. Interestingly, the Wordle-themed green emoji ranked first in this category in several states, as did the fire emoji.

The popularity of emoji is likely to only grow as the world becomes more digital. WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Meta, was recently launched. reaction emoticons in the latest version of their app and Google’s just released Android 13 beta 2 includes Emoji Kitchen improvements.

Image credit: Crossword Solver

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