Explore Microsoft Azure, Windows, and 365 for a career in technology

Microsoft is one of the true giants of the tech space. With a strong foothold in the office, gaming, cloud computing and more, there are good reasons why Microsoft is one of the best-known names in technology. But how well do you really know their products?

Can you work with tools like Microsoft Exchange? Do you know how to set up and administer a Windows corporate environment? Do you know how to calculate numbers using PowerShell? Can you set up and manage a cloud in Microsoft Azure?

WITH Complete 2021 Microsoft 365, Windows and Azure Bundle you will learn how to do all of this and more. it sells for only $ 59.99 (huge discount off full retail price).

This deep dive into some of Microsoft’s more advanced topics consists of 17 courses targeting the three core Microsoft cloud products: Microsoft 365, Windows, and Azure. Courses have been hosted by iCollege, one of the most trusted online learning marketplaces since 2003. Fortune 500 companies and thousands of people rely on iCollege as a resource to acquire today’s most critical technical skills.

In these courses, you will receive a comprehensive education in Microsoft cloud computing. You will master Windows Server 101, become familiar with Windows Hello for Business, and learn how to take the Microsoft MD-100 Windows 10 Administrator exam.

In addition, you will learn how to manage Remote Desktop Services, use Microsoft Exchange, and take the Microsoft Azure Administration Certification course with several courses designed to help you pass important exams on the first try.

Learn more about Microsoft cloud and how to professionally administer cloud services. You can get The Complete 2021 Microsoft 365, Windows and Azure Bundle right now for a limited time. price dropped by only $ 59.99… That’s $ 10 off the regular deal price and a big discount over the full retail price. Prices are subject to change.

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