Experience the new look of Paint and Photos in Windows 11

In short: In addition to the new look and feel of Windows 11, Microsoft has radically redesigned its venerable stock apps, including Paint and Photos. The company has now posted images of these programs.

Photos quietly appeared on Unsplash Windows page (via Latest Windows versions), opening the updated look for Paint and Photos. Both are consistent with the Windows 11 implementation of Fluent Design, giving them a much more modern look.

In the case of Paint, the long-used ribbon menu has been replaced with a Fluent heading with options such as File, Edit, and Brushes — similar to the menu from the new Explorer. There are also undo / redo buttons in the header, and we see the rounded corners that other elements of Windows 11 have. It looks like most of the redesign has improved the touchscreen experience.

In the meantime, the Photos app will get a new interface in which editing tools will be positioned above the image. There are other improvements and better performance as well. Clock, Voice Recorder, Calculator, Office, Notepad are also undergoing changes in Windows 11.

Back in 2017, Microsoft announced that it would kill Paint in 32 years. This has outraged those still using the app for quick and easy editing, prompting Microsoft to clarify that while it will be removed from the core group of Windows related apps, MS Paint is moving to the company’s store as a free download – although Paint 3D is still remains the only version in the Microsoft Store.

As Windows 11 beta is now available to Windows Insiders, updated apps are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

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