EVGA charges scalping prices for its Advanced RMA service

In the context: EVGA reacted quickly after news of Amazon New World beta blocking its RTX 3090 cards. The company said it will immediately replace all MMO-killed flagships, but customers opting for the Advanced RMA option are paying scalping prices. However, EVGA’s reasons are easy to understand.

There have been numerous reports in the past month that the Amazon New World beta is killing RTX 3090 graphics cards, most of which came from EVGA. The company was quick to offer a replacement, and those who don’t want to wait can opt for the Advanced RMA program.

Rather than submitting a faulty card to EVGA first, which is then verified before a replacement is sent, Advanced RMA service allows customers to post a security deposit to the company. He then sends a new card and refunds the money in full after receiving the defective product.

Customers usually pay the manufacturer’s suggested retail price as collateral, but this is not a normal time right now. Igor’s laboratory It is reported that the owners of faulty GeForce RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra graphics cards, which are sold at a price of 782 euros or 931 euros inclusive of VAT, are asked to post a deposit of 1,728.20 euros (about 2038 USD) – at the price of scalpers.

Not a satisfied customer

From EVGA’s perspective, the problem is that someone can file an extended RMA, pay an MSRP, and then sell a replacement card at a much higher price without returning theirs. The money they’ll get from scalping the new RTX 3090 will far outweigh the lost deposit.

The problem consumers face is that not everyone has that kind of money, even if they come back, leaving it with a slower standard RMA option.

“Due to the increasing number of fraud cases and current market conditions, the amount of the deposit includes an additional withholding of the RMA service, which will be fully refunded upon the return of the original item. As a thank you to our customers, we are now putting a pre-paid UPS return label in the box, ”writes EVGA.

Few companies offer advanced RMA services these days, although this is unlikely to satisfy those whose RTX 3090 was hacked by New World.

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