Elon Musk: SpaceX Starlink service will start working next month

TL; DR: After a year of beta testing, SpaceX believes it has enough positive feedback to properly launch the Starlink satellite internet service. The company may drop the beta nickname as early as next month, but no price changes have been announced yet.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confident satellite Internet service Starlink will start working next month. This will happen two months later than originally planned and casts doubt on the company’s ability to attract more than 500,000 users in its first year since launch.

Startlink has been offered to public beta testers for almost a year now, and most users have reported positive first impressions of the service. In terms of cost, a set of terminal equipment (Starlink Dish + Wi-Fi router) will set you back $ 499, with a monthly fee of $ 99. The company tried to keep the terminal’s cost as low as possible, but the bigger challenge was making these terminals fast enough to meet demand and create a rugged version that can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Recently, a large number of pre-orders have been estimated for completion dates from 2022 to 2023. SpaceX said last month that it has shipped over 100,000 Starlink terminals to users in more than 14 countries, but there is still a gap of more than 400,000 pre-orders. orders still to be fulfilled.

Starlink is powered by a growing constellation of 1,600+ LEO satellites that provide Internet connectivity to remote areas. SpaceX plans to launch between 12,000 and 42,000 satellites in the coming years, but recently faced difficulties until adding laser stitches to the batch, which was due to launch this summer.

These cross-links allow satellites to communicate with each other and transfer data, but the company hopes to eventually use them to transfer data to the Internet in areas where ground stations cannot be built.

Like all of Elon Musk’s promises, we may see additional delays. In news, SpaceX’s first fully civilian space flight was crowned with success – the Inspiration4 crew returned safely to Earth on Saturday after three days in orbit 590 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

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