Elon Musk said the world needs more oil, gas and children

What happened now? It’s hard to imagine Elon Musk, the man behind the electric car giant Tesla urging the world to find more oil and gas, but he believes such things are necessary to survive and transition to renewable energy. The world’s richest man also expressed hope that Tesla’s autonomous driving technology would be ready and widespread by the end of the year, and he warned of falling birth rates, a topic that Musk is passionate about.

Musk made his comments at an energy conference in Norway, where he said his current focus is on his SpaceX spacecraft and Tesla self-driving cars.

“The two technologies that I am focused on, trying to complete them perfectly before the end of the year, are getting our starship into orbit. […] and then have Tesla cars to be able to self-drive,” he said via Reuters.

Musk has also spoken about fossil fuels, insisting that he is not demonizing them. Europe is experiencing record energy prices as Russia cuts gas supplies to the continent. “In fact, I think that we need to use oil and gas in the short term, because otherwise civilization will collapse,” he said, adding that “we must have a clear path to a sustainable energy future.”

Tesla’s autonomous driving technology was another topic Musk visited. The CEO is focused on getting Tesla’s fully self-driving vehicles on sale by the end of the year with wide rollouts in the US and Europe, provided the technology gets regulatory approval. The comments come after Musk said this month that the price of Tesla’s FSD beta software would rise for the second time this year to $15,000 in North America.

One non-FSD fan is Dan O’Dowd, founder of the Dawn Project and CEO of Green Hills Software. He’s behind a viral ad showing cars running over baby-sized dummies in FSD mode. This led to a cease and desist letter from Tesla, to which O’Dowd responded by calling Musk a “crybaby”.

Musk believes that in addition to oil and gas, the world needs more children. He warned that the low birth rate was a danger to civilization and that it was “one of my favorite […] things to worry about.”

“They say that civilization can die with a bang or with a cry,” Musk added. “If we don’t have enough kids, we’ll die whimpering in adult diapers. And it will be depressing.”

Musk has nine children, including twins he secretly fathered last year with a top executive at his artificial intelligence startup, Neuralink. The billionaire has previously said he is “doing his part” to increase the world’s population.

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