Elite Dangerous: Odyssey expansion and all future content updates will only be available on PC

facepalm: Elite Dangerous has spent almost a year trying to recover from the disastrous launch of their latest expansion. Despite the progress made by recent updates, the game is now suffering another major blow due to the cancellation of development for consoles.

Frontier has announced the cancellation of its latest expansion for the console versions of Elite Dangerous. In the future, consoles will only receive important updates for the multiplayer space sim, while the PC version will continue to receive updates for current and future expansions.

Frontier founder David Braben explained that since the last expansion called Odyssey, Elite has been developed on two codebases, one for Odyssey players and one for console players, as well as PC players who have not purchased Odyssey. Braben said Elite development could only continue if Frontier focused solely on the post-Odyssey codebase, forcing the company to stop developing consoles. This presumably means that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games will not be updated for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

When Frontier launched Odyssey on PC, it suffered from poor performance and bugs. It still has a “Mostly Negative” rating on Steam.

Shortly after the launch of Odyssey, Frontier delayed the release of the console versions indefinitely while it released fixes for the PC before making a final decision this week. At the moment, 10 updates have been released for Odyssey, the 11th is installed on come out March 11th.

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