E3 is only online again this year thanks to Omicron

In short: The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has joined the list of events to be held online only this year due to concerns over the Omicron Covid-19 variant. For the second year in a row, the organizers decide to run the event entirely online.

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) confirmed with GamesBeat that she has brought E3 online again and will provide more details soon. The event has not been hosted in person since 2019. Due to the initial outbreak of Covid-19, 2020 marks the first year of E3 cancellation in the event’s more than 20 years history. The regular hands-on exhibit returned as an online event last year.

However, IGN sources say that even the digital event is not set in stone this year and that ESA may surrendered at a physical exhibition last year. ESA usually follows immediately after the end of E3 with confirmed dates for next year’s event, but it’s been half a year since E3 2021 and we don’t have specific dates for 2022. The future of the event itself may be in question.

Summer Games Festival 2022 Web siteA similar online event, designed to showcase upcoming video games, took place around the same time the organizers announced the change for E3 2022. Its schedule has yet to be announced.

Another event moving This year’s Omicron hosts the Sundance Film Festival, which kicks off on January 20th. The organizers originally planned a hybrid event. The 2022 Game Developers Conference, to be held in March, will still be face-to-face, but requires participants to be vaccinated. Last year it was only virtually.

The Consumer Electronics Show this week was technically a personal event. However, Omicron left many prominent contributors at the last minute, including Panasonic, IBM, BMW, AMD, Microsoft, Intel and others. The event also ended a day earlier.

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