Disney is launching its Galactic Starcruiser / Hotel the Halcyon next spring

Long-awaited: For those familiar with the (now defunct) Star Trek experience at the Las Vegas Hilton, Disney World took this idea and took it to the next level. His newest hotel is a luxury starship in space. A two-day stay will immerse you in the Star Wars universe and allow you to experience the adventure.

The long-awaited Disney Star Wars hotel has been given a new name and grand opening. Star Wars: The Galactic Battlestar, as it is called, will debut next spring, according to a Disney Parks teaser posted Wednesday (below).

The hotel is part of Walt Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, but it is more than just a resort hotel. As we reported back in 2017 when it was announced, the resort is an immersive experience that puts guests in a Star Wars universe with themed clothing, wandering aliens and droids, and exotic cuisine.

let’s install theme… You arrive at the resort’s terminal, where you board the shuttle that will take you to a galactic starship called Halcyon. A luxury vessel for civilian entertainment. There is music and entertainment during the two-day space cruise. Guests can learn how to play Sabacc and take part in the Sabacc tournament. Or they can be trained to use a lightsaber. However, there will be “unexpected” moments when guests can take part in an interactive adventure that continues throughout their stay. Disney on condition a couple of examples.

On the first day, you may have the opportunity to join a gang of smugglers or help hide a stowaway working with the Resistance. On the second day, you can take part in a robbery or arrange to steal a ship from the first order. Participation is voluntary, of course, but trust me, you will want to participate at least to justify the entry price.

With a two-day stay for two people, Star Wars: Galactic Star Cruiser will cost a minimum of $ 4809. This price includes a standard cabin (the suite is available at a higher price), meals (excluding alcoholic and special drinks), interactive story missions, regalia (pictured above) and various other forms of entertainment.

Fortunately, Disney is taking breaks for a few travelers. The price for a family of three is only about $ 500 more ($ 5,299), and for a family of four, a two-day stay is $ 5,999. Disney World has posted all the details on its website for those looking to leave Earth for a couple of days.

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