Did you know that prior to the development of Steam, Valve unsuccessfully approached many companies for help in creating it. Which of them was not among those who were contacted?

Choose your answer and the right choice will open up.

After struggling to update online games like Counter-Strike with new patches, Valve aimed to create a platform that would distribute game updates and improve measures to combat piracy and fraud. However, it is said that selling games on the platform was not even considered initially.

Talking to back in 2008, Valve’s VP of Marketing Doug Lombardi said the developer was trying to convince “Yahoo, Microsoft … and anyone who seemed like a likely candidate to build something like Steam.”

“We walked around everyone and asked:“ Guys, are you doing something like that? “And everyone said,” This is a million miles in the future … We cannot help you. “

Valve started development on Steam in 2002, and the platform launched in 2003, with 300,000 players testing the service during its beta. In 2015, purchases through Steam totaled over $ 3.5 billion with 12.5 million concurrent users and thousands of games.

By 2017, the number of users buying games through Steam was approximately $ 4.3 billion, and in 2019, an estimated 90 million monthly active users are taking advantage of the platform, making it the largest PC gaming platform despite growing competition.

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