Did the Intel Drone Show showcase the Arc graphics card design?

In the context: Intel yesterday announced its consumer discrete graphics brand called Arc and that its debut products, codenamed Alchemist, will go on sale in the first quarter of 2022. The company did not reveal any more about its future graphics cards, but could have hinted at a basic design thanks to 1,000 drones.

The Alchemist, formerly known as the DG2, is said to be made up of six models with an EU count that starts at 128 and goes up to 512 for the flagship model. Intel has shown some video footage of games running on its GPU that tell us little, and has never shown any potential graphics card designs – or was that true?

According to VideoCardzIntel hosted a special event to mark the announcement of Arc, unveiling 1,000 illuminated drones. They created, among other things, the Xe and Arc logos, a laptop and a graphics card.

While it might just be a general graphics card design that is usually marked “for illustration only,” VideoCardz notes that it looks a lot like a leaked photo posted by Moore’s law is dead supposedly demonstrating an engineering sample of DG2-512EU. The drone-generated image shows a dual-fan design with nine blades on each fan, just like the sample, and there seems to be hints of the same concentric ridges surrounding the fan sections.

Intel is no stranger to drone light shows. He staged similar spectacles at the Olympic Games, Super Bowl, CES and celebrated his 50th anniversary. Last year, Walmart used the company’s devices for a holiday event.

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