Deal Warning: Steam Weekend Sale Includes 40% Discount On Half-Life: Alyx

In short: If you missed the opportunity to purchase Half-Life: Alyx earlier this year at 40% off, now is the time to catch up. This breakthrough VR game has over 51,000 reviews on Steam and 98% of them are positive.

From today until September 20, Valve is once again offering their great VR game at a big discount. Usually for $ 59.99, Half-Life: Alyx will set you back a pretty penny. $ 35.99 before the weekend… This sets the record for the largest game discount to date.

Valve is also running a weekend sale Paradox Interactive Strategy… V Stellaris: Ultimate Bundle, for example, includes a whopping 16 content items at a 53% discount, and yours for just $ 109.46. V Collection Classic Grand StrategyMeanwhile, it includes the Crusader Kings II, as well as the Ruler Designer DLC and the The Old Gods, Hearts of Iron III, Victoria II, and Europa Universalis III Complete expansion pack for just $ 9.62 (typically $ 64.95).

Austrian publisher THQ Nordic also sells several of its games, including Wreckfest, Destroy all people! and Desperados III with discounts up to 90 percent.

Elsewhere you can take Sea of ​​thieves for $ 23.99 (40 percent discount), Black mesa for $ 4.99 (75% off) and Valheim with a 20% discount, which brings the cost down to $ 15.99. Legendary Mass Effect Edition reduced by 34 percent, now only $ 39.59, and Red dead redemption 2 can be yours until September 23rd for $ 40.19, 33 percent off.

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