Dead Island 2 (with Amazon Alexa voice support) and Lords of the Fallen will be resurrected at Gamescom

What to look forward to: Eight years have passed since the announcement and the first trailer of Dead Island 2. Almost a full decade later, the second trailer appeared, and with it the confirmation of the release date. It will also be the first game to feature Alexa Game Control, which allows players to use voice commands to perform in-game actions.

Dead Island 2 had quite a rapid development. When it was first revealed at Gamescom 2014, the zombie-killing RPG was the work of Yager, creator of Spec Ops: The Line. But “mutual differences” with publisher Deep Silver led to Dead Island 2 being taken over by Sumo Digital in 2015. This relationship ended after four years when the game went back to the developer, this time to British company Dambuster Studios.

You may remember that the first Dead Island was also famous for its incredible trailer in reverse like the game itself. Two videos of the sequel were revealed at Gamescom, one showing the gameplay (above) and the other showing the cinematic below.

As with the previous Dead Island, it’s easy to draw comparisons to another first-person zombie killer, Dying Light. The action this time is transferred to Los Angeles, and it looks like there will be a lot of gore and humor.

Dead Island 2 will also be the first game to feature Alexa Game Management, a new tool from Amazon that allows gamers to perform actions in games using natural voice commands through a microphone or headset. This extra feature does not require an Alexa device, though you will need an Amazon account. Some examples of its functionality include switching weapons, displaying nearby quest points or locations, and manipulation of swarms of zombies– and you don’t have to say “Alexa” first.

Dead Island 2 will release on February 3, 2023. PC owners will be able to get it from the Epic Games Store.

Among many other Gamescom announcements was a particularly impressive trailer for the Lords of the Fallen reboot. The original game is one of the first examples of what felt like Souls, and while it had its issues, I enjoyed the short combat and beautiful (for the time) visuals.

Now called The Lords of the Fallen, this Unreal Engine 5 game promises to be better, prettier and five times bigger than its predecessor. It should also take home an award in the – admittedly small – category for Best Use of a Danzig Song in a Game Trailer. If that metal isn’t enough for you, it was also voiced by Stranger Things’ Metallica-loving Eddie Munson: actor Joseph Quinn.

A full gameplay trailer for The Lords of the Fallen is due out later this year. Let’s hope the reboot finds a larger audience than the first game when it releases sometime in 2023.

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