Days Gone director says it has surpassed Ghost of Tsushima in sales, but studio management is still unhappy

In short: Most people think the 2019 open-world Days Gone game “ Bikers Meet Zombies ” (or Freakers to be more precise) flopped somewhat, so it would be surprising to find out that it has surpassed it in sales. the critically acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima. But its director says studio management still saw it as a disappointment, despite having moved more than 8 million copies.

Jeff Ross, the director of Days Gone who left Bend Studio in 2020 after two decades with the company, tweeted that the game has surpassed Ghost of Tsushima. His post comes after developer Sucker Punch announced that Samurai Adventure has sold over 8 million copies since launch in July 2020.

More than a million have been sold since Days Gone hit Steam in May 2021 more copies.

But Ross says selling more units than Ghost of Tsushima wasn’t enough to satisfy Bend Studio’s management.

“Days Gone” was launched and received very average critical ratings; he has Metascore 71 for PS4 and 76 for PC… But user ratings are much more favorable: 8.4 for PS4, 8.6 for PC, 9.2 for Amazon users, and Very positive rating on Steam. Ross added, however, that while Sony appreciates the high ratings from the critics, “the grief we received was related to sales, not ratings.” When someone suggested that there might be better leadership in Bend Studio these days, Ross replied, “No.”

Bloomberg reported last year that developer Bend Studio made a presentation for Days Gone 2 in 2019, but was rejected due to the mixed reception of the original and long development time. “Despite the fact that the first game was profitable, its development was lengthy and criticism was controversial, so Days Gone 2 was not seen as a viable option,” the publication wrote.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed that Bend Studio is currently working on a new IP based on “deep open world systems developed with Days Gone.” Hopefully this one will be better received.

Days Gone was one of many games to be discounted as part of the recent Steam Winter Sale. This writer bought it and has been quite impressed so far, definitely one of those pieces that fall into a very good, if not better, category.

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