DALL-E machine learning can now imagine what lies beyond known paintings

Through the Looking Glass: Since the introduction of OpenAI in early 2021, DALL-E has been gaining attention with its ultra-realistic AI-generated images. The text-to-image-transforming AI system, from stunning to downright bizarre, has taken the internet by storm. Art lovers can now explore the world beyond the frame. The new Outpainting feature in DALL-E can expand an image beyond its original boundaries.

OpenAI has introduced a new tool for DALL-E that allows you to imagine the world outside the frame. The new tool is called Outpainting and helps creators expand an image beyond its original boundaries. Using a natural language description, users can add new image elements in the style of the original work.

We can see the power of the new Outpainting feature in Johannes Vermeers enlarged painting Girl with a Pearl Earring. What’s really amazing is how DALL-E can mimic the original art style and it’s almost impossible to tell that it’s a fictional virtual extension of the original work.

In slow motion below, we can see the Girl with the Pearl Earring being repainted August Kamp. Inspired by her mother’s “dirty house”, Kamp expands on the original work in small sections, directing the DALL-E Outpainting tool with text descriptions. In the final image, the girl is depicted in a cluttered home environment.

DALL-E already has an Inpainting feature that replaces an existing part of an image with something else, following the original style to preserve realism. Outpainting differs from Inpainting in that it extends beyond the edges of the image.

DALL-E is also known for its creepy and frightening creations, a trend that continued with the apocalyptic Mona Lisa.

Other results were more comical: The Quaker Oats guy was pictured as a bartender.

The tool also works with photos, as seen in this smaller version of The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover.

DALL-E is currently in closed beta testing with 1 million authors invited to participate. The beta version allows users to use DALL-E with credits that refill monthly. Users also have the right to commercialize their images, and DALL-E is already being used for things like children’s book illustrations, game characters, and concept art.

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