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CPU-Z is a free application that has been around for over 20 years. Modern processors contain a set of instructions that, when activated, provide extensive information about the processor: make, model, number of cores, cache levels, etc. In addition to the brains of the computer, it also displays similar information about the motherboard and system memory, including :

  • Processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels
  • Motherboard and chipset
  • Memory module type, size, timings and characteristics (SPD)
  • Real-time measurement of the internal frequency of each core, memory frequency

CPU-Z also contains a simple processor benchmark and stress test; you can upload your results to their website and share your stats.

The Android version of CPU-Z reports information about your mobile devices:

  • SoC (System on a Chip) name, architecture, clock speed for each core
  • System information: device make and model, screen resolution, RAM, storage.
  • Battery information: level, status, temperature, capacity
  • Sensors


  • Name and number
  • Core stepping and process
  • Package
  • Core voltage
  • Internal and external clock, clock multiplier
  • Supported instruction sets
  • Cache info


  • Manufacturer, model and edition
  • BIOS model and date
  • Chipset (North and South) and Sensor
  • Graphical interface


  • Frequency and time
  • Module (s) specification using SPD (Serial Presence Detect): vendor, serial number, timing table


  • Windows and DirectX version

What’s new:

  • Intel Core i9 12900K, Core i7 12700K and Core i5 12600K “Alder Lake” processors and Intel Z6xx platform.
  • Supports DDR5 SPD and XMP 3.0 memory.
  • AMD Radeon 6600XT graphics processor.

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