Court permanently removes one person from Roblox

facepalm: Congratulations to Benjamin Simon on the most severe punishment ever imposed on a trolling gamer: court ban, negative reviews of the game, and approaching the game developers’ offices.

Simon, better known by his YouTube alias Reuben Sim, was first banned from playing Roblox a few years ago. His evasion of this prohibition, documented on his youtube channeland his public encouragement of trolling in the game led Roblox to file a lawsuit against him late last year.

It ended last week when he settled with Roblox. According to their agreement, signed by a judge and legally binding, Simon must pay the company $150,000 in damages and then leave it alone. Roblox’s original lawsuit sought $1.6 million in damages.

Last October, Simon tweeted a terrorist threat to the Roblox developer conference. The tweet was linked to one of his already-deleted videos titled “Somebody blow up Roblox right now.” Roblox had to temporarily block the event, and this failure allegedly cost them a large sum.

In addition, Roblox claims they have spent over $100,000 “investigating and blocking” Simon’s attempts to bypass his account and IP blocking over the past year or so, and prevent his “cybermobs” from harming the game.

According to the lawsuit, Roblox initially banned Simon for posting inappropriate content. He allegedly used homophobic and racist slurs and harassed individuals. Simon disputed these claims. Roblox refused to include the content as evidence in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also did not include Simon’s social media posts, which Roblox claimed contained “defamatory” and “false” statements about Roblox CEO David Bazooka. Despite this, Roblox made reference to them when they claimed that Simon was involved in a smear campaign against the game’s creators.

Roblox initially encouraged Simon to remove his social media presence entirely. In the latest order, Simon agreed to remove all of his social media posts that were offensive to the game, its developers, or advocated violations of its terms of service.

However, this decision did not stop Simon completely. He said he plans to release a video response to the lawsuit within a few months.

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