Component shortages are finally hitting Apple as shipping times shorten

In a nutshell: Up to this point, Apple has largely seemed immune to the global chip and component shortage that has plagued other hardware makers, but it seemed like the company’s time ahead of the curve might be over. A quick check of Apple’s website reveals that virtually all of the company’s recently announced products have long wait times.

For example, an order placed today for an iPhone 13 Pro will not ship for another 4-5 weeks. The standard iPhone 13, if ordered today, will not arrive until early November. The estimated period for ordering the new iPad mini is from November 19 to November 29. The new 14-inch MacBook Pro with Apple M1 Pro, which officially launches on October 26, will not arrive until November 12-19. Even Apple’s polish. the tissue has a delay of 10-12 weeks.

Not only new devices are seeing delivery delays, or. The more expensive MacBook Air configuration ordered today will not arrive until November 5-9.

Apple is currently in a rather unusual situation in the last quarter of 2021. This predicament is not the biggest problem, but not exactly ideal, and could well undermine what could otherwise be a record-breaking holiday. quarter.

From today’s shipping estimates, it appears that orders should arrive in time for the holiday gift season. However, I probably wouldn’t be putting things off too much, as delivery times could easily shift to January and beyond in the coming weeks.

Image Credit Julian O’Hyon

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