Clubhouse IOS downloads fell again in May, but Android made a Surge


  • According to Sensor Tower, iOS Clubhouse downloads dropped to 719,000 in May from 922,000 the month before
  • But the long-awaited launch of the Android version of Clubhouse has generated 3 million downloads in May.
  • Clubhouse is estimated at $ 4 billion, but its growth prospects are under pressure from increased competition and post-pandemic reopenings.

Download of buzzy audio chat clubhouse app they continue to target iPhone users, but their recent launch on Android phones has brought a source of millions of new users to the service.

Clubhouse, which allows users to participate in live audio conversations, for free, has become immensely popular over the pandemic as home users have connected to chat and listen to everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Mark Zuckerberg. But in recent months the service has changed, with its downloads on iOS falling sharply.

In May, Clubhouse’s downloads on the iOS platform totaled 719,000 worldwide, up from 922,000 downloaded in April, according to estimates by data company Sensor Tower shared with Insider. It’s less than 10% of Clubhouse’s peak of 9.6 million global downloads in February.

The long-awaited introduction of Clubhouse’s Android app in May, however, about 14 months after the launch of the iOS version, opened the door to a much-needed flood of new users. The app saw about 3 million downloads on Android in May, Sensor Tower estimates.


Sensor Tower

The beginner, only by invitation app has it would have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in financing and it took an estimated $ 4 billion from private investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Tiger Global, and DST. But the app’s early success also attracted a wave of starters, with established tech powers like Facebook, Twitter and

all launches of rival live audio services in recent months.

Increased competition and post-pandemic reopenings will put pressure on Clubhouse it differentiates itself and demonstrate that it has the power to maintain. The app could also spark new growth by raising the requirement for users to be invited to the service by a friend.


Clubhouse launched its Android app in early May, and it didn’t gain enough popularity to chart on Google Play’s ranking of the top apps in the U.S. until May 21st. It reached position 84 on May 24 – a lower number indicates higher downloads that day – and has since gone down.

Meanwhile, Clubhouse is sitting around the 620 rank in Apple’s free app rankings in the United States, a drop from the highs in adolescence in late December 2020.

Clubhouse did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Sensor Tower

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