China has developed a pornography detection helmet that reads brain waves for censorship purposes

WTF?! China, always at the forefront of Orwellian surveillance technology, has created a device that detects when someone is watching pornography, a pastime banned in the country since 1949.

According to SCMP (by using Khakadey), China is using a combination of artificial intelligence bots and human evaluators named Jian Huang shi, most of whom are women, to search the web for images and determine if they contain explicit content that is considered illegal. But fatigue and overexposure mean that even these precautions don’t stop every piece of x-rated material from seeping through the crevices.

Researchers at Peking Jiaotong University have developed a way to potentially make life easier for appraisers. An anti-porn helmet, or more specifically, a wire-covered shower cap, can detect bursts of human brainwaves that occur when we see explicit images. He may even ignore brain waves caused by other activities such as emotions, fatigue, or even random thoughts.

The researchers tested the device on 15 male volunteers aged 20-25, and it worked every time they saw something that could be classified as porn. However, there have been a few false positives that have been blamed on the lack of sufficient educational materials given that pornography is illegal in China and all. There is also the question of whether it would work just as well on Jian Huang Shi, a mostly female.

The idea behind the helmet is that raters can be shown a large number of images in quick succession and the device will automatically register anything that is too naughty for the staff, instead of the raters slowly clicking each one and deciding if it is too hot. process.

But there are concerns about using the device outside of this scenario. Some Chinese factories are using brain-monitoring devices through helmet-mounted monitors to boost productivity and reduce workplace accidents. There are no laws limiting the information they can collect, so who knows where things like that might lead.

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