Check out Tom Holland as Nathan Drake in the trailer for the first Uncharted movie.

In short: Sony has released the first official trailer for its film adaptation of Uncharted. Based on the adventure game series of the same name, Uncharted stars Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake on a quest for “the greatest treasure never found” with his witty partner Victor Sally Sullivan, played by Mark Wahlberg. During the escapade, the duo also collects clues that could lead to Nathan’s long-lost brother.

Sony set a December 2020 release date for the movie back in 2019, but that seemed a little aspirational given how little we’d heard about production up to that point. Ultimately, it was the Covid-19 pandemic that delayed the film’s premiere.

Of course, this particular project was worked on long before 2019. In fact, Wahlberg talked about the film back in 2010 r.

Films based on video games do not have much success, but there are some exceptions. The Tomb Raider films went well, and my favorite was 2008’s Max Payne, which also starred Mark Wahlberg. The upcoming Resident Evil reboot also seems intriguing, perhaps because it seems to remain true to the path laid down by the early games.

Uncharted Lands exclusively in theaters on February 18, 2022.

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