Check out all the PS VR2 trailers released by Sony during State of Play

Very expected: On Thursday, Sony held a State of Play presentation. This issue had various news, including information about the release date of Resident Evil 4 Remake, Street Fighter 6 and Final Fantasy XVI. It also had updates for the delayed cyberpunk cat game Stray, Marvel’s Spider-Man for PC, and a few indie announcements.

Sony has spent a lot of time on PS VR2 news and trailers. Sony told investors last week that it has at least 20 “core” IPs ready to launch PS VR2 games. Aside from dropping several franchise titles like Horizon, Gran Turismo, and Uncharted, the company didn’t offer much else.

However, yesterday’s presentation not only confirmed the presence of several games that we did not know about, but also showed several trailers for them. If you prefer to watch the whole program, it is above in the header. For those who just want to see what good VR has in store, keep reading.

Resident Evil Village

While there was no earlier indication that the Village would appear on PS VR2, this comes as no surprise. Capcom ported Resident Evil 7 to PSVR and it was so successful and scary that no one was even able to finish it (just kidding, but I couldn’t). Like RE7, the base game is getting VR support, which means that if you already own the Village, you’ll get the VR mode for free. To bargain!

Saints and Sinners Part 2 – Retribution

The Walking Dead is back again with the PSVR survival horror sequel The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. The first game was a great VR game for those who want to take down hordes of zombies or sneak past them. Gathering supplies was a big part of the first game, so it’s safe to assume Chapter 2 contains more of the same. However, judging by the trailer, the map could be much larger.

Nobody’s sky

No Man’s Sky didn’t come as much of a surprise either. Hello Games has already added PSVR support to its ambitious space opera back in 2019. That it will upgrade the VR mode to PS VR2 is the idea. The trailer didn’t mention if it would be a free update or paid DLC, but if you’ve been playing the game for a very long time, you know that HG’s philosophy for No Man’s Sky content is: “Everything is free.”

Horizon Call of the Mountain

We already knew this would happen. It was the only game that Sony specifically mentioned to investors, but it was nice to see a trailer for it. The teaser reveals some gameplay highlights and tidbits of the story to give you an idea of ​​what’s in store for you. Along with Call of the Mountain, Guerilla Games has announced a “major” update to Forbidden West. The patch includes New Game+, improved visual fidelity in performance mode, new outfits, skill points reset, Super Hard difficulty, and more. This patch is available now.

While Sony hasn’t given a release date for PS VR2, if you took a closer look at the trailer for Saints & Sinners, it’s been revealed that the game will release in 2022. Since it’s a VR-exclusive game, the headset should hit stores sometime this year as well. . My bet will be just in time for the holiday shopping season.

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