CES 2022 Shrinks As Panasonic, IBM, Mercedes-Benz And BMW Drop Out

Big picture: Hits continue to arrive at CES as four more eminent exhibitors pulled out of in-person events at next week’s event. However, the show will continue as organizers spread the slogan to focus on small entrepreneurs and innovators rather than big companies.

IBM spokesman said Facets that, out of caution, they decided not to participate in Las Vegas, but still hope for a virtual presence.

Likewise, German automaker BMW has said it is moving all planned media events at CES into a fully online program that will be available on January 5th. Its counterpart from the German automaker Mercedes-Benz is also at an advanced stage. CNET that due to the large number of exhibitors and the different regulations in force in a particular country, they cannot guarantee a safe environment and thus refused to participate in CES 2022.

Meanwhile, Panasonic has confirmed Mashable that they will not personally attend CES.

These four members join a growing list of members that have already opted out, including AMD, MSI, OnePlus, Microsoft, Lenovo, GM, Intel, Meta, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and Amazon, among others.

Shapiro in an article published in Review – Las Vegas Magazine December 25 said that CES will and should continue.

“CES 2022 kicks off in 2022 in a messy but full of innovation, entrepreneurs and businesses. We will all take risks. But there is no innovation without risk. ” – CTA President and CEO Gary Shapiro

“If we cancel the exhibition, we will hurt the thousands of small companies, entrepreneurs and innovators who have invested in building their exhibitions and are counting on CES for their business, inspiration and future,” Shapiro said.

“If we don’t cancel, we will face a roar from the press and other critics who only tell the story through the lens of dramatic and high-profile campaigns.”

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