Certain built-in Windows 11 apps won’t work for some users

Why is it important: Early adopters of the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system had to deal with a common set of errors and crashes, ranging from performance drops to printing problems and everything in between. Some people may even find they can’t use some of the built-in apps, but luckily there is a solution for that.

Windows 11 develops from Windows 10that is both a blessing and a curse. Microsoft has spent the last few years perfecting Windows 10, which means its successor is also based on a relatively mature kernel. At the same time, it inherited various bugs and glitches that some early adopters discovered over the past few weeks.

One notable issue is with printers that don’t seem to work in certain scenarios. Other issues are less noticeable to the average user, such as explorer memory leaks when opening multiple windows daily, which can reduce the amount of RAM available to any other applications you might be using. More recently someone discovered that Windows 11 can fill your hard drive or solid state drive with thousands of empty folders. It won’t affect performance or take up a lot of storage space, but it’s a great example of old Windows 10 problems. re-emerging on Windows 11.

Some of you may have also discovered this week that you can no longer use or even open certain built-in applications such as Getting Started, Tips, Scissors, Touch Keyboard, Voice Typing, Emoji Panel and Input Method Editor User Interface (IME UI), and Accounts and Landing Page in Settings for Windows 11 S users.

Microsoft says the issue only affects people who haven’t installed yet KB5006746 update released on October 21 and S mode users are more likely to experience this issue. Affected apps rely on a certificate that expired on October 31st and the best way to fix this is to manually install the latest update as it will update the expired certificate. KB5006746 is currently flagged as an optional update, but will soon be offered to everyone as part of Tuesday’s November update.

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