Celebrate the holidays in style with this ugly Clippy sweater.

In short: The holidays are here and Microsoft is in the spirit of releasing their latest ugly sweater. This year’s costume features Clippy, a successful office assistant who was an annoyance to many back in the 90s.

Microsoft’s ugly sweater campaign began five years ago as a joke. In 2017, the company posted three ready-made holiday sweaters on social media and asked users which one they preferred. After all, it was their best post that year, and a year later, Redmond encouraged him to move from concept to reality.

Microsoft’s first ugly sweater was a variant of Windows 95. Initially, only 100 examples were made and sent out to members of the press, influencers, and Windows fans via social media. The ugly Windows XP sweater followed in 2019 and proved just as popular, so in 2020 Microsoft started selling them to the general public along with the new MS paint sweater. In 2021, Microsoft released a sapper-themed sweater.

“Our fans really crave and love Windows nostalgia” said Megan Muhleman, Senior Social Media Manager at Microsoft. “It’s always popular on our channels because we’re one of the few tech brands that’s 30+ years old so people have grown up with us.”

If you don’t like ugly sweaters, don’t worry, Microsoft has plenty of other themed merchandise. Xbox Store including apparel, home and office goods, collectibles and accessories. Over the summer, the tech giant partnered with designer Gavin Mathieu to develop a nine-piece clothing and merchandise line based on the Normcore style.

New Clippy Ugly Sweater available in sizes from small to 3XL and only available in one color blue. The price is set at $74.99 and proceeds will go to College Success Foundation, which helps make college accessible and affordable for underserved students from low-income families. We were told that Microsoft is also making a $100,000 donation.

If ordered today, it should be delivered in time for upcoming holiday parties. Heck, you might even have time to wear it to Thanksgiving dinner or a Black Friday party.

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