Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Rise PC Release Date, Free Demo Coming Soon

Something to look forward to: Monster Hunter Rise was originally released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year as a time-exclusive. This week, Capcom finally revealed the release date for the PC version and details of what the port will include.

As part of the presentation of Tokyo Game Show 2021 Capcom confirmed Monster Hunter Rise will hit PC on January 12, 2022 with a press release and pre-order details on the game’s Steam page. The free demo will be available on October 13th this year. Playing the demo will unlock the bonus to the game as soon as it is released.

According to the Steam page, Monster Hunter Rise on PC will support up to 4K resolution, HDR, ultra-wide aspect ratio and unlocked frame rate. Official site also confirms The PC version will have improved textures, voice chat and controls reconfigured for mouse and keyboard. The PC version will contain the same content as the Switch version, including all updates planned for it until November this year.

Capcom also open TGS 2021 online survey that includes questions about what additional features customers might need for the PC version. Possible options include cross play and cross save between PC and Switch versions.

Like other games in the franchise, Monster Hunter Rise is an RPG where players hunt down and kill giant exotic monsters. One of the new features added to Rise is the Palamutes, companion animals that aid in both transportation and combat. Another is a tool called Wirebug, which players can use as a grappling grapple for easier movement, or as a weapon in combat.

When the Switch version launched, it immediately sold millions of copies, just slightly behind the earlier Monster Hunter World, Capcom’s best-selling game ever. This is more impressive considering that Monster Hunter World was launched simultaneously on two consoles and not Rise. At the moment, with a circulation of 7 million copies, Rise is already in the top 10 of Capcom. best selling games ever.

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