Calling all TechSpot readers, megafans and boosters, we may need your help!

Hello TechSpot readers! Whether you’ve been visiting our site for weeks, months, or many, many years, you’ll know that we’re focused on tech enthusiast content, PC hardware reports, reviews, and helpful resources for those interests.

We’re not perfect, but we strive to create honest, accurate, and honest content geared towards enthusiasts. There are an endless number of places these days where you can get your daily dose of tech, but obviously not all posts are the same and we appreciate your continued trust and support.

You can help us by browsing TechSpot on several websites dedicated to collecting feedback from visitors. Sites like Trustpilot, WOT, and Safe Web rely on user reviews to “score” whether a website is safe, trustworthy, and offers good content. Please take the time to write a short paragraph about your experience with TechSpot, why you trust us, what you like about the site, and so on. Choose any of the sites below (or all at once) and publish there…

Why do we need this…

This is turns out that more and more when you google something, users are presented with “frequently asked questions” about the legitimacy of a certain website. And Google tends to rely on the sites above to provide users with some form of user-collected feedback, even if it doesn’t reflect actual interaction with the website.

Luckily, TechSpot has been around for a long time and most tech enthusiasts tend to recognize us by name. At the same time, it’s a big, big world, and thousands of potential new readers find us daily, read a TechSpot review for the first time, download an app from our software section, or follow the purchase recommendations we provide. .

Therefore, if you can help us by leaving a few suggestions about your experience, we would greatly appreciate it.

PS: If you feel like researching and writing more than a few lines, Wikipedia used to have Entrance for TechSpot, but it was removed a few years ago due to inactivity and lack of sources. This is going to be a major effort (TS readers are going!) over the previous one, but it would be great if we brought that back too.

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