Bots for the brokenhearted and AI for making life and death decisions

But many people feel extremely uncomfortable letting algorithms help make decisions about whether people live or die, and rightly so. Read the full story.

— Melissa Heikkila

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Required Reading

I scoured the internet to find the most hilarious/important/scary/exciting tech stories to date.

1 Russia terrorizes Ukraine with deadly Iranian drones
Unmanned kamikaze drones attack the infrastructure of Kyiv. (FT $)
+ The US government has pledged another billion-dollar aid package. (New Yorker $)
+ China, India and Turkey continue to buy fuel from Russia. (Voice)

2 Kane West Agreed To Buy Parler
What is happening now is anyone’s guess. (CNBC)
+ West said he was forced to make the purchase after being banned from Instagram and Twitter. (bloomberg $)
+ Lately, he has been echoing extremist conspiracy theories. (Voice)
+ When it comes to secondary social platforms, Parler is a very small fry. (Slate)

3 China is struggling to control its fans
Fandoms are notoriously competitive, and they undermine Xi Jinping’s vision of a unified China. (Voice)
+ How China’s biggest online leaders fell from their thrones. (MIT Technology Review)

4 Astronomers witnessed the brightest explosion of all time
This type of gamma-ray burst is estimated to occur once every thousand years. (New scientist $)

5 Why “zero trust” loses its meaning
Partly because not all cybersecurity teams can agree on what this refers to. (Protocol)

6. Iodine pills are not a magic cure for radiation exposure.
However, they can protect one specific part of the body. (Wired $)
+ NATO watches Russia like a hawk for signs of a nuclear attack. (Economist $)

7 We Need To Change The Way We View The Ocean
The researchers argue that this should include giving him the legal right to life. (Motherboard)
+ Sponge cities are changing our relationship with water. (Wired $)
+ The architect made friends with the flood. (MIT Technology Review)

8. The home video surveillance industry thrives on paranoia.
The question is what to do when nothing happens? (Atlantic Ocean $)
+ How Amazon Ring uses domestic violence to sell doorbell cameras. (MIT Technology Review)

9 Teens want to be nice to each other online, actually ❤️
Luckily, there is an app for that. (WSJ $)

10. Bionic nose could help coronavirus patients smell again 👃
Communicating with a brain implant. (IEEE Spectrum)

Quote of the Day

“If you look back on that experience to see what’s going to happen, you’re playing a bad game.”

— John Lovelock, the analyst of Gartner speaks. insider why the current economic uncertainty, driven by inflation rather than money or employment problems, is different from other recessions in recent memory.

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